Saturday, December 02, 2006

We Co-exist with GOD

We Co-exist with GOD

This writing is my thoughts and I am not trying to prove rest all beliefs are wrong. These are from my understanding which I heard from great people like Variyar and other great gurus.

"GOD created us*" - this is one of the most common phrase that I hear. I used to wonder if HE created us,
· Why should he create us to suffer?
· How can his creation be with so many flaws?

I had this question unanswered with me, searching for answers. After all our whole life is meant for searching something.

Some search for

· Sivam
· Money
· Happiness
· Knowledge

Life becomes standstill without a search. Like Google helps us to get out search item – we all must have a guru to guide us in our search.

Guruvai varuvai arulvai guhane” –

HE is our “Parmagurunathar” – without guru we cannot reach our destination. What is destination? I will take this up next.

I had an interesting conversation with my grandfather “ThirupugazMani” –

Thirumandhiram says “Endru Nee Andru Naan” – By this thirumoolar says that “I am from the time when you(god) were there”

So we co-exist with him. There are 3 things that are immortal

Our Souls
Worldy things

So this gets the answers my 2 questions. But this gets me another question, I have heard that our paramagurunathar also does the job of creation
When we are not created by him, then what does he create?

That where we have a misconception. Our lord created this magnificent temple called human body to house our souls. He created this whole world and a perfect environment to live in. It all his creation.

Destination Sivam
Coming to the destination, why did GOD create?
Our paramagurunathar could have been in an everlasting penance. Why did he create the world?

As mentioned before the 3 things that exist all along are of three types
Sivam – knows everything without learning
Our Souls – Knows only when it is taught
Wordly – Does not know even when taught

Our gurunathar knows that when we are taught we can reach him. So he created the world for the souls to learn and attain the utmost state.

He taught us the way to reach him by his various disciples like Arunagirinathar, Manivasagar, Variyar Swamigal and so on….

We all can only reach through his grace. He must come to us as our guru and purify our souls.

Guruvai varuvai arulvai guhane” –

We all are jeevathmas; we have got to join the paramathma.

* - us here refers to our souls